Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Instagram Dump!

I really need to find the time to blog. I like to look back and see “what we were doing this time last year” all the time and if I don’t pick back up I won’t be able to do that anymore! :)

So, today it’s an Instagram dump of several pictures!

This was during one of Peyton’s Mono check ups! SO glad he is feeling much better!IMG_20150819_081430 Because ice cream is THAT GOOD!IMG_20150819_082520 Our girls are laying machines! This is what we get PER DAY!IMG_20150821_181817 Daddy/Uncle Josh man handling babies!IMG_20150822_104609 I love me some Joshua Brett!IMG_20150822_120855 My little toot!IMG_20150823_092213 Working on a flip house! This kitchen is on FLEEK! Will have to share some pictures when we finish!IMG_20150827_091626 One of Reece’s friends moved to a different school so we had a sleepover, complete with Friday night lights! :)IMG_20150828_192631 Our nephews stayed with us the weekend of Alabama’s opening game! Roll Tide!IMG_20150905_161026 We counted down the days to Dancing with the Stars..this was premiere night! GO PAULA DEEN!IMG_20150914_190345 “Excuse me, you’re in my spot!” I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking.IMG_20150915_182453 Gymnastics beauties in their matching shirts!IMG_20150917_184552 cough cough. TWO YEAR OLDS…IMG_20150919_084915 Just some beachin’ boys!IMG_20150919_130626 This boy and his SHOES…he came to me and said, “Do you promise to still accept me when I show you these shoes I am about to buy?” For reals.IMG_20150919_195403 Peace out. Roll Tide!IMG_20150919_213512

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