Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Fun!

We have had a fun couple of days playing in the snow! We rarely EVER get any snow…especially not enough to play in! And it’s usually in and out very fast. This time, it’s lasted a few days! If you know me you know I can not STAND cold weather. I don’t like snow, I’m a summer, warm girl FOR SURE! But, who wouldn’t have fun playing with their babies in the snow?! I did!

It just so happened to fall on Josh’s off days this time! SO YAY for THAT!IMG_20140128_124016 20140128_115247 Brooks’ first snow!! He thought it was fun! We only had him out there for about 2 minutes.20140128_123541 20140128_123602 20140128_123616 20140128_153839It was kind of mass chaos around here because the weather prediction was a little off. We were only supposed to get a dusting and then things quickly changed and people were left scrambling to get home! So thankful that we closed our office when we did and we were able to all make it home safely! Us southerners don’t know how to drive in this type of weather since we never have it!

I should note that Griffin is missing from these pictures because I left my camera at the office and my phone sometimes randomly deletes pictures. Boo.

Bring on the flip flop weather!

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