Friday, January 17, 2014


Being a parent is TOUGH! Sometimes I think to myself,”Oh Lord, I hope I’m not screwing them up!” haha! Sometimes I get a swift kick in the rear that tells me that we ARE doing something right! One of those moments came last week when Josh and I got a facebook message from Peyton’s teacher and she said, “What does it say about your parenting skills when all three of your babies receive student of the month in the same month?? congrats!!!”

Well apparently we’re fabulous! ;)

Once every 9 weeks our school has Leadership Night. The kids are all rewarded for all of their hard work. Several awards are handed out for different things(honor roll, etc.), it’s really an awesome way to encourage the children. We had Leadership Night this past Monday and our babies racked up! So proud of them and proud to know that…guess what? I don’t suck as a Mom after all! ;)DSC_0394 Griffin never keeps his ribbons on. Guess he’s too cool for that!

And this little guy…he never made a peep the entire night! Best baby!DSC_0360

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Justin and Marcie said...

How wonderful!!!! I'm with you though...I keep thinking I'm screwing up in some way, shape or form, but then Carter does something that impresses me and I am encouraged that I may be doing at least one thing right!!! Congrats to your kiddos!!!