Monday, September 23, 2013

Brooks – 5 Months!

Five months have flown by and you are sweeter than ever Love Muffin!DSC_0727

Here’s what you’re up to these days!

This month you started solids! So far you’ve had rice cereal, apples, bananas, green beans and sweet potatoes! Green beans are not your favorite, in fact, they make you gag. Bless. You still nurse well but you are starting to be a little easily distracted while nursing! You like to hold my fingers and prop your feet on me while you nurse. Just all kicked back and relaxed!DSC_0736

Still in a size 2 diaper, still in 3-6 and 6 months clothes.DSC_0728

Still have those baby blue eyes, I KNOW they are here to stay! :) and so are those plump little kissable lips and long eyelashes. This must be why EVERY.SINGLE.TIME a stranger talks to you they refer to you as “she”. I’ve just stopped correcting them at this point! You’re just pretty.

And, hey, Reece and I had a little fun putting a bow in your hair! You ARE a pretty little girl! HAHAHA!20130915_123059

You are finally starting to get a little more hair! I can’t wait for a baby mohawk! Griffin and Peyton will be jealous!DSC_0750

You have turned into a little roly poly this month! Rolling over both ways! AND trying to get those knees under you to crawl. You are already pushing yourself, if you had your hands under you you would be crawling. You have three older siblings and PLACES TO GO!

I tried to take the pictures like I did last month with your name but you had better things to do!DSC_0745

You still LOVE LOVE LOVE to take a bath.

Car rides are MUCH better these days. You rarely cry in the car now and if you do, I know why!

You still like to give kisses!

I think you may be a lefty like Daddy!


You LOVE the jumperoo! You have the best time jumping in that thing! You also like to sit and watch Griffin, Peyton and Reece in it!     

You watched your first Bama game this month! You learned real fast that Mommy acts like a maniac during ball games! You didn’t mind!


One of my favorite relationships to watch develop has been this one…20130914_105659

You two LOVE each other. HARD. And I love it!

Happy 5 months, sweet boy! You’ve made my heart complete!DSC_0761

And a few random phone pics from this month! These first few are at the office. I’m so thankful you get to come to work with me!

  IMG_20130909_104839IMG_20130913_104407 IMG_20130909_143532IMG_20130830_133059Represent the po-po!IMG_20130822_090116 Watching the chickens! You LOVE this!IMG_20130831_125734 IMG_20130903_102445

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