Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Gem

I will be the first one to tell you that I let my babies sleep in our room for way too long. The older three seriously were in there for a while, Griffin and Peyton are only 15 months apart so they were piled up in the bed with me at the same time. Because of the shift the hubby works, this is really not a big deal for our family. But, since Brooks’ room is SO close to our room(there’s even a door from our room to his), I decided while I was still pregnant that I was going to put him in his room earlier.

And then he was born.

And all the mommy paranoia that I have with small babies kicked in. Is he going to choke on his spit up? Is he going to stop breathing? SIDS? And so on and on and on. I’m terrified of something happening to one of my children.

Little B is still only 4 months old. That’s really not too bad to still be in our room. But he LOVES to lay flat on his back. Always has. I thought maybe he would sleep better at night if he was in his crib. Hubby had bought me an awesome monitor already, with a handheld color monitor and another monitor that’s more like a little tv for the bedroom. But I still wanted to know if he quit breathing. So I decided to look into getting an Angel Care Monitor. I was about to buy it when one of my friends introduced me to this little gem…

It clips onto the diaper and monitors movement. If the baby doesn’t move or breathe for 15 seconds it will vibrate. If that doesn’t do the trick it will sound an alarm. YES! This is perfect because I’m sure he’s about to start rolling over in his sleep and then the Angel Care would be going off! This way, it stays ON HIM. Cha-ching! It’s about $100, but worth it to me!

I started putting Brooks in his crib last Saturday. And….he is not sleeping any better. In fact, he’s getting up MORE! So, for now, he’s back in our room. I need sleep to take care of FOUR kids so I don’t really care if he’s in our room til he’s 30!


And I don’t do cry it out so don’t even suggest that to me. K, thanks! Hearing my babies cry stresses me out TO . THE . MAX .  Ask Josh.


"B" said...

I only have one babe and I feel the same. Crying stresses us BOTH out and no one gets any sleep. My girl is still sleeping with me (and the husband) at 16 months old and I wouldnt change it for the world. Everyone is happy, sleeps better and gets lots of cuddles. Every family does what works for them.

Nikki said...

Uhm, my kids are 9 & 6 and they both still pile up in the bed with us....and I don't mind ONE BIT!! In fact, I love it. We're all snuggled up like a bunch of hamsters and I'm as content as I can be! lol

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