Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Day in the Life

Someone asked me to do “a day in the life” post. I think it’s a good idea so that I can remember these days!

So, here you go, a day in the life of this mom of four children, four dogs and I lost count of how many chickens!

12:20AM – Brooks is awake and hungry. Out of bed to change his diaper and feed him. I feed him pumped bottles of breast milk when he’s up at night. It’s faster and he’s usually right back to sleep. When I go into the kitchen to get his milk I notice a big blob of melted chocolate ice cream on the floor! One of the boys must have gotten up after bed and snuck a snack! Sometimes I pump at this time, this night I didn’t. He also didn’t fall back to sleep easily.

1:30AM – Brooks finally falls back to sleep after I rock him. So it’s back to bed I go.

4:00AM – Brooks is up again and hungry…up to change and feed him, he falls right back to sleep. I watch him while he eats and cry because I just LOVE him so much.

5:00AM – My alarm goes off. Time to rise and shine! UGH. So tired. Brooks is stirring a bit…he wants to cuddle and rock so we do!

5:30AM – Time for me to pump! Wish I would have pumped in the middle of the night, my boobs are SO full they hurt. I end up pumping for 30 minutes instead of my normal 15-20.(Breast Feeding post coming soon, by the way!)

6:00AM – I know Brooks will be hungry again soon so I go ahead and change and feed him – a bottle of pumped milk since I had to pump. I wake up Griff and Peyton while feeding Brooks so they can get ready for camp. It takes them 15 forevers to get dressed in the morning.

6:30AM – 7:15AM – Brooks sits in his bouncy seat in the bathroom while I shower. I say a quick prayer that I can get clean before he cries. HA! Meanwhile, Reece wakes up and comes to my bathroom and entertains the baby so that I can finish getting dressed. I can’t even explain how much he LOVES her!

7:15AM – I go into the living room and realize that the boys are watching TV and THEY ARE NOT ready to go. So mad. Send them to brush their teeth. Then give them their medicine. Watch Peyton try to swallow his pill for 87,000 minutes. TAKE.THE.PILL. Finally he gets it down. I let the little dogs out to potty.

7:25AM – Seriously glad that I don’t really have to be at the office on time. Get the baby dressed for the day. Thank Reece for getting herself dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed…seriously everything without being told. Thank GOD. Walk back down the hall and notice that one of the dogs friggin pooped in the floor. SHAT! I will never have another inside pet EVER AGAIN. About this time the Hubs is home from work!

7:45AM – FIANLLY out the door and on the way to take the boys to camp. Pray the baby doesn’t scream all the way. Peyton keeps him entertained so he’s good!

8:10AM – Drop the boys off.

8:20AM – Finally make it to the office! Reece and Brooks in tow. Normally I would have taken her to preschool, but her last day was last week. She’s working with me until school starts!

8:30AM – Time for Brooks to nurse. He falls asleep.

8:45AM – 11:00AM – Try to get some work done.

11:00AM – Time for Brooks to nurse.

11:15AM – Headed to the Home Builders Association for a lunch meeting, bring Brooks with me.

1:00PM – Head back to the office, Brooks screams all the way. He’s hungry.

1:10PM – Feed and change the baby! Then put him in the swing to get some work done!

3:30PM – Brooks is ready to eat, he nurses while I’m working away! I should also mention that most of the time while I’m working, if he’s not napping, he’s passed around the office and played with by someone all day. ;)

4:30PM – Reece, Brooks and I head to pick up the big boys!

5:10PM – We’re home! I fix something quick for the older three to eat while I give the baby a bath! When the big kids finish eating they get baths. This is not the norm, usually they are outside playing but it was raining so we went ahead and got baths out of the way.

5:45PM – Hand the baby over to the Hubs with a bottle. This is their time every night. I usually fix myself some food.

6:30PM – Hubs usually has the baby rocked to sleep. Some people don’t rock their babies, but we do! To each their own!

7:30PM – I usually pump around this time and head to bed! Old lady! Not really, I have to have sleep or I can’t function. So this way I get a few hours before Brooks is up around midnight…when the day starts all over again! ;)

This was actually one day last week! HA! Just now getting around to finishing the post. ;)


Jenna said...

Ohhhhh my goshhhhhh!!!!! This is A LOT of stufff!!!!!! This scares me! Ha! and YAY for a breast feeding post!! I need to know this info! :)

April said...

Haha! Don't be scared. It's way different with 4 than it is with 1! ;)