Thursday, August 9, 2012

Turkey Burgers

I thought I would share Josh’s famous turkey burger recipe! I made them last night and they were super!IMG_20120808_175533

There’s not really much of a recipe, just take two pounds of ground turkey and mix in a packet of ranch, then pat them out like regular burgers and grill! Wa-la! That’s it!

Now, if you are Negative Nancy and say you don’t like turkey, let me just tell you this….I don’t like turkey either! I don’t like it at Thanksgiving, I don’t like it at Christmas, I don’t like it with a fox, in a box…hahaha.

But I LOVE turkey burgers and they are SO much better for you than a regular hamburger!

They are also great with turkey bacon on them!

And we pretty much don’t even turn the grill on without grilling pineapple. Try it on your next burger!!!! YUMMO!

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