Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 ,2, 1 Blast Off!

I’m trying to be all “super mom” this school year. I’m going to stay as involved as I can with the boys and their school and classrooms and I’m going to document the crap out of Reece’s last year at pre-school! Lucky you! :)20120821_074842 I really love Reece’s teachers. Her lead teacher had the boys too and they could not have been more prepared for “big school”. She runs things very similar to a regular classroom. They just finished up on a unit on space! She has this big wall in her room and it’s always devoted to what the kids are studying, hence the picture above.(Betcha can’t guess which astronaut is hers! Hint: it’s the fully colored pretty one, duh!)

Our sweet girl is growing up. Tear. She picks out her own clothes and dresses herself(and has started doing her own hair). I almost don’t even get a vote on what she wears anymore. BOO.

And note that I said ALMOST! :)

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I'm Cindi... said...

I love it, April!! I hope they all have a GREAT year!! :)