Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy’s Princess

It’s no secret that Reece LOVES her Daddy a whole lotta lot! He is wrapped around her pinky where I’m sure he will stay forever! I think he has her wrapped around his too. If she gets in trouble(which is VERY rare) and he happens to be the one who needs to discipline, all he has to do is look at her and she cries! One time he had to spank her, it’s been a few months ago, and I literally laughed out loud because it was more like a pat. It still got the point across but it was just funny to see his face. He reallly didn’t want to! HA!

For Father’s Day she made this little thing at school where you fill in the blanks with things about your Daddy. Here is hers. Her answers are in italics and underlined.

My Daddy’s name is Josh.

He weighs 100 pounds and is 8 feet tall.

His hair is black and his eyes are green.

He loves to cook eggs and bacon.

His favorite household chore is work.

His favorite TV show is football.

Daddy always tells me he loves me.

It makes him happy when we go to the beach.(AMEN!)

I really love it when my dad and I go to the gym.(HA HA!)

He’s the best! I love you Dad!



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Jenna said...

Such a sweet girl!!! Love this!