Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boys, Boys, BOYS!

I have learned A LOT from having two boys, 15 months apart. Boys are so different.


I feel like I get this exact look from Griffin and Peyton at least 4580 times a day! You know, like they’re pissed at me! Probably because they are. They’ve been having a lot of fun at summer camp, but it wears them OUT. So they don’t want to get up in the morning and they are ill hornets when I go to pick them up.  It’s like there’s a nest of hornets in my car every.single.afternoon. I’m always in a rush in the mornings now because we have to leave so early to get everyone where they’re supposed to be. Hubs isn’t there to help most mornings because he’s still at work.

But he was home this morning!

And Griffin ended up in big trouble with him! (not minding)

So. Before we loaded up in the car I told Griffin to make sure he had his waters for the day.(They have to take three drinks a day) While we were on the interstate I asked if he got his water. “No, Dad made me too mad so I didn’t have time.” I didn’t say anything because it would have not been nice. So I just thought to myself, “Guess you’ll be thirsty today.”

We went on and I got everyone to their places and went on to work. Once I got settled I felt bad that he didn’t have anything to drink. It’s hot as blazes here so I decided to run some bottled water to him. I arrived at summer camp and the kids weren’t in the same room where their lunch boxes are so I just pulled his out and opened it up to put the drinks in and…

The little turd DID have water.

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I'm Cindi... said...

LOL!!!!!! Ahhhh...that so sounds like something I can see one or both of mine doing and me totally coming to their rescue.