Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Emery

Yesterday my friend, Rissie, had a sweet sweet baby GIRL!! I’m so excited for her. You really have no idea how sweet it is to have a little girl until you have your very own mini-me! :)

She didn’t find out the sex of the baby until SHE(heehee) was born! It was SO MUCH FUN! And it clarified for me that that is for sure what we will be doing next time around! We actually decided that way a long time ago when Reece was a baby. Don’t go thinking we’re doing it because everyone else is. Um no. April and Josh do what they want to do if you haven’t figured that out by now! HA!

She got everyone to wear pink or blue, whatever your choice was to the hospital.197737_10151253429879922_1430272020_n

I wanted it to be a girl so bad that I convinced myself it was a boy! :) Reece was right!

Here she is!Photo: Oh boy... Nate was right SHE's here!!! Emery  Chase Martin !!!!

And, yes, I know you wish you looked that good after giving birth! Seriously?! Hospital gown made by our fabulous friend, Donna, who is the!

Seeing her(already three times, oops!) has put me into full blown baby-making mode! Hubs is not complaining! :)

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I'm Cindi... said...

How precious!!! Congrats to Rissie and her family! :)