Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Mama works out!

Guess who started working out? Big Mama!! If you know us in real life then you know exactly who Big Mama is! If not, then I feel sorry for you! haha! No but really, she’s my 83-year-old grandmother!!!

Eighty-THREE and a HALF if you ask her! :)

20120411_105514 Sorry I look Japanese. Phone pic. :)

So, what’s she doing in the gym? Everything! She’s only worked out twice so far this week and her range of motion and balance are already SO much better! She is walking better too! So exciting!

Now, I’m here to tell YOU…there is NO excuse not to be healthy and there is NO excuse not to exercise! You will feel SO much better! I promise! If my grandmother can work out, so can you!

So get off the couch and DO SOMETHING!


The Payne's said...

LOVE Big Mama!!!!! And love the fact that she works out. I swear she will live to be 111 :) Nobody is stopping her!

I really needed to see Big Mama working out to boost me because the past few days I have not wanted to walk but I know I need to! Thanks :)

April said...

She is one strong, determined woman!! Can't wait to meet baby EK! :)