Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First Birchbox!

Yesterday I received my very first Birchbox! My sister signed up a few months ago and I just couldn’t let her have all the fun!
Oh, you don’t know what a Birchbox is? Neither did I! It’s a little box you get once a month and it has goodies in it! Samples of different things for you to try! When you sign up you fill out a survey and they send you things they think you will like! It’s $10 a month. They now have a men’s Birchbox as well, but it’s $20 a month.
You can sign up here.
So, here’s what’s in my box!20120417_123651  20120417_123701
20120417_123749 FUN! The white box is an antioxidant for your face, then there’s the Viva La Juicy(smells good, the sister LURVES it; me notsomuch), Show Stoppers(apparently this is something to hide bra straps??), nail polish and the gold bottle is some sort of hair elixir(I’ll have to ask my fabulous hair dresser about this before I use!haha)
Sounds like fun stuff to get into. Maybe $10 is a little excessive but I like to get surprises! :)

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Nikki said...

I LOVE Birchbox!!! I love to try new samples so $10 a month is better than splurging on a full size!