Monday, July 18, 2011

House decorating: Reece’s Room!

Let the decorating begin! :)

I’m pretty much done with Reece’s room. For me, that was the easiest room in the house. She’s at an easy age to decorate for and girly things are not hard to find! I already mentioned that her room was done in owls and we finished her mural last night so now I can post pics! When I bought her bedding at Target they had these sticky wall decals that matched the bedding. I usually don’t go for that sort of thing but the owls were just too cute to pass up…so I bought it.

Here’s what we started with…DSC_0595 And a fresh out of the tub princess to help…DSC_0596 Hubs did most of it on his own..go figure.DSC_0600

Sleepy little helper…DSC_0604 She was SO excited to help him!DSC_0607 And the finished wallDSC_0609 DSC_0613Close up of the SUPER cute lamp! The mushroom pull sold me!DSC_0601

Sweet girls ready for bed! Daisy is yawning, not screaming! hahaDSC_0616 Chippie chip helped too, but she STILL hates my camera…


I still have little things to do around the room but for the most part it’s done and the princess LOVES it!

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Its perfect!! I have been IN LOVE with that bedding since before I knew if Trevor was a boy or girl!! I have seriously considered buying it now in case I have a girl. Crazy? Yes!

Love the yellow walls and the lamp! I cant wait to see the boys rooms!