Friday, July 8, 2011

First Night!

Yesterday was CRAZY! The first Thursday of every month is usually my SUPER busy day…and it was! PLUS I had to visit my OB/GYN for my yearly check up so that threw things off. OH and about an hour before my appointment Allison and I were coming back to the office after lunch and heard a noise in my car. We looked and there was a big chunk of metal in my I had to drop off my car at the tire place to be fixed and take her car to my appointment! Not to mention that that yearly appointment is just not fun.

My afternoon got a little more exciting when Officer Hubby called to tell me that we would be spending the night in our new house! He has worked his butt off all week getting things moved!(With the help of my Daddy, Brother and his Dad!)

Most of our things are moved in and we spent a little time putting things away. Josh was in the laundry room and heard the breaker for the hot water heater flip…then we smelled smoke!!! Freaked my freak! So we turned it off and the smoke smell went away. Then poor hubs had to spend about an hour convincing me that the house was NOT going to burn down last night and that it was ok for us to stay there!

We were SO excited about being in our new house! Maybe a little too excited because none of us could wind down enough to get to sleep at a decent hour. It was probably close to 11 when the kids and I crashed on the couch watching The Jungle Book! Sometime around 11:30ish Josh put all the kids in bed and woke me up so that we could get in bed. Then we tossed and turned for a while and maybe drifted off to sleep a little when I heard Reece crying. I jumped out of bed and couldn’t see a dang thing!!!!

The country is freakin’ dark folks!


So I felt my way around until I found a light switch and ran to check on her. She was kind of crying in her sleep so I laid with her until she was asleep good again. I don’t really want to start a habit of sleeping with her so I went back to our bed. About an hour later she was crying again. And again I made my way to her room and she was shaking and crying!!!! :( Apparently she was having a bad dream so I took her to our bed where we all slept peacefully for the few hours that were left of the night.

Judge me if you want, I don’t care! My sleep is IMPORTANT! :)

This morning I woke up to get ready for work and had to take a cold shower because of the hot water heater being jacked up. That was fun.

Reece woke up and came in the bathroom where I was showering and was just talking about random things and then she said, “I hope those mens who shot us are gone!”

ohhh emmm geee!!!!

She WAS having a nightmare!!! Poor baby! I felt so bad for her! And I am even more glad that I just let her sleep with us last night.

Our sweet baby nephew is spending the night tonight! Here’s to it being WAY less stressful than last night!!!


Cherry Berry said...

Bless her heart! Hope y'all get settled in soon. Are we going to get to see pictures of the new house?

April said...

Oh yes! As soon as I get things in some sort of order! :)