Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I think I’ve mentioned that the boys are on the same baseball team this year. It’s so much easier than running back and forth between fields trying not to miss anything! This baseball season has most definitely been a far cry from last season, when we didn’t lose any games! As a matter of fact, in the regular season we didn’t win but just a couple of games! I could really care less, I just want them to have fun!

Tournaments started this past Saturday. For those of you who don’t play baseball yet, once you lose two games in the tournament you are out. So Saturday we had two games and I fully expected to be done with baseball for the year! I know that’s terrible to say but I just didn’t think we would win! Well, we won one and lost one! :) So that meant that we were still in it and we had to play Monday night. Again, I thought we would FOR SURE be done that night. Nope, we won again! These boys have just turned themselves around! Then we played last night and I thought absolutely positively without a doubt in my mind that we would lose….NOPE! hahahaha! So we play the same team we played last night again tonight and if we beat them….wait for it…

We’ll play for the championship Thursday night! :)

And, now, at this point I hope we take it all! Might as well! :)

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