Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty-Nine, Baseball and My Hero!

I’ve been 29 for a week now! Feels the same as 28! ha! The boys had a ballgame on my birthday so it was spent at the ballpark! I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! I love watching them play!

And speaking of baseball, Griffin hit a home run last night! He was SO excited! And so were we! Then on his next hit he got a triple, Peyton was up to bat next and hit Griff in! I love it when that happens-when one or the other hits the other one in! Peyton is still adjusting to the pitching machine but he’s doing really well too!

Sometime last week Josh had a call at work that involved a lady that had a pace maker/defibulator. The defibulator was malfunctioning and kept shocking the poor lady! She lives in an apartment and her neighbors heard her screaming “I’m being hit” and called the cops! Josh got there and the poor lady was terrified! She told Josh to hit her in the back to stop it but that didn’t work. She really thought that she was going to die but Josh got her calm and told her he wasn’t going to let her die while he was there! Finally the ambulance arrived and got her to the hospital and I think she is fine now. She sent the hubby a really sweet card with a long letter thanking him and some balloons! It’s nice to feel appreciated! And it’s nice to be married to a hero! (He says it’s just his job, but whatev!) DSC_0006 OH and I added the baseball schedule on here so everyone can just check and see when the games are! Scroll all the way to the top and look to the left!

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Happy, Happy, late birthday. Looks like 29 is treating you good so far. :)

Thats so sweet about Josh. Youre right..he is a HERO and should be appreciated.