Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornados and Black Eyes!

And, no, I absolutely have NOT forgot to post about Easter! Just haven’t had time yet!

Our weather has been insane lately. It is NOT fun to wake up to this! Scary stuff. And our fabulous weather man, James Spann, is saying that that was NOTHING compared to what’s coming our way this afternoon. I am about to puke I am SO scared. Josh is at training which is at the shooting range which is almost to the county north of us…the boys are at Allison’s house with her and Noah…Reece is at school and I am at work! Getting nothing accomplished. We are closing early because last time we had a storm come through we ended up across the street at the police department for the whole afternoon. (Which was GREAT, they took VERY good care of us! ;) ) BUT, this momma likes to have her chickens in the nest!!! So I want everyone at home, in the safe spot!

Please pray for ALL of us this afternoon. I know it’s going to be bad.

Ok, onto black eyes. The boys share a room(until we move!!!!). Sometime in the middle of the night Peyton kicked Griffin in his sleep and gave him a black eye!!!!photoHow sad is he? I’m going to take a better picture tonight, I just didn’t have time this morning so I got Allison to snap one with her phone and send it to me! He is mortified! He was so glad school was closed today so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed! I teared up when he told me that!

And if you know us in real life, DO NOT say you saw this picture on here! He will KILL me! I mean it! K, thanks!

Also, Peyton apparently was sucking on his own lip in the middle of the night and has a hickey all the way up to his nose?!?!?! What does my kid do in his sleep?????!!!!

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

What a sad boy. Thats a nasty black eye!! Too funny about not telling him, though.

Said a prayer for you guys. Ride this storm out and hope they stay away!