Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Stranger Day

Do you ever have a bad stranger day? I do. You know, where everyone just ticks you off! I had one of those on Monday. I was in a fantastic mood that day but everyone just seemed to want to change that.

Griffin had an appointment with his therapist. Josh and I decided a long time ago that he didn’t need therapy…he’s fine, a happy go lucky little guy and he’s doing great with his ADHD medication. So, I called to cancel his appointment. Now, every time I call or come in contact with the staff in this office(ADHD doctors office, not pediatricians office) I have issues. They are either rude or make me feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m his mom, I know him best. When I canceled the appointment the rude hefer on the phone told me that there was going to be a $50 charge for canceling. Um, no. You are not going to charge me $50 for canceling something I didn’t need in the first place. AND I’m going to find him another doctor, thankyouverymuch!

Then, Allison and I went to Sam’s to buy some things for the office. ahem, mt. dew. She was pushing Noah in the stroller and I was pushing a buggy full of Mt. Dew and bottled water. SEE we ARE healthy sometimes! She was weaving in and out of isles and I was trying to keep up. We came to an isle we needed to go down and there was a big ole buggy blocking the way. So, I patiently stood there while the woman got her stuff and talked to her friend. I waited and waited and waited, then she moved her buggy. Thank goodness, now I can go. Nope, then she blocked the isle with her big butt. So, I politely tried to squeeze through(and I’m not very big!) and she saw me but didn’t move. I said, “excuse me” as sweet as I could and she gave me a go to hell look. ugh. whatever.

Then, we stopped by Wal-Mart so that I could run in and get something. I was standing in the line minding my own business when a group of college boys walked up behind me. Then out of nowhere they started pushing me with their buggy! LIKE across the store…moving me! So, I turned around and said, not so nicely(I was fed up with strangers by this point!), “EXCUSE ME! YOU ARE PUSHING ME WITH YOUR BUGGY!” GAH! Well, they stopped, but then they talked about me…whatever. If I hadn’t said anything they really would have run me over! Their momma didn’t teach them right I guess!

I’m off to get some sugar from this little guy….photon

He’s sitting on my desk in his bumbo supervising me typing this post right now! He’s so presh!


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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Isnt being an Auntie the best?! I seriously love it just as much as I love being a Mom!!