Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eight Years!!!

Josh and I were married eight years ago today! EIGHT!! That seems like a long time…but it really has flown by! We’ve been busy those eight years! Somewhere in between having three babies, changing a gazillion diapers, baseball, kids starting school, building our careers, losing grandparents, hosting a puppy farm(haha), building a house, lots of beach trips and a host of other things…we’ve been married eight years! Man oh man!

We originally wanted to get married on the beach, we love the beach, but were not able to at the time. Should have put my foot down, I’ve grown ALOT since then! So, we’ve decided to renew our vows on the beach! Since we’ve almost been married 10 years I think we’re gonna wait til the 10 year mark to do it! How fun! I can’t wait to marry Josh all over again!


PS-I’m disgusted with myself right now because I can not find ONE recent picture of just me and Josh! What kind of wife am I?! I’ll fix that and take a pic before our anniversary date!

xoxo for real this time,


Cherry Berry said...

I told Adam the day we got married that I wanted to renew our vows on the beach some day... 5 years or 10 years! I am going to have my beach wedding SOME DAY!!! Haha! It's been my dream for as long as I can remember to get married on the beach. It's so pretty and looks so peaceful!

Cherry Berry said...

Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I forgot to add that to my comment! Haha. Brain spaz!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Happy Anniversary! Yes, I do remember this from last year. :)

Vow renewal sounds amazing. The next 2 years will flyyyyy by!