Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet Miss Chippie!

I mentioned that we were getting one of my grandparents' treasures. Well, we did!

She's so sweet! Only thing is, she is terrified of my camera! She needs to get over that quick! My PawPaw loved Chipper Jones and that's how she got her name! The cat is kind of mad but she'll get over it!

I'm probably not going to blog about what happened to my grandmother at the hospital. I'm tired of thinking about it. Basically our local hospital really screwed up royally which led to my Daddy and his siblings to have to make a tough decision.

It feels weird to be losing my grandparents, I only have two left(I had extra). Plus I have Josh's grandparents too! My parents are losing their parents, thats hard-has to be.

Anyway, we're gearing up for another weekend of baseball, starting tonight! Probably won't hear from me til next week!


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