Monday, April 5, 2010

We're Nuts!

I think it goes without saying that I had a horrible week last week. I put a smile on my face for my birthday but it was definitely not a happy one. Friday was the funeral and it was as good as a funeral can be I guess. I can not stand to see my Daddy so upset. It breaks my heart. The only thing good about her passing is that I know she is so happy to be with Paw Paw again! I'm still going to blog about the hospital AND we are getting one of MawMaw and PawPaw's most precious treasures! I can NOT wait to post about that!

As if last week was not crappy enough, about 10 minutes before Josh was supposed to pick me up to head to the funeral Friday he called me. He had stopped by a gas station close to our house to get gas in his motorcycle. He put the key in the gas cap and the darn thing broke off! The extra key we have doesn't work. He called a locksmith who couldn't figure anything out! So, we ended up getting the man that owns the gas station to watch the motorcycle until we got back. Thankfully he knows Josh pretty well from him going in the store so much and didn't mind! Talk about stressful!

After the funeral we had to b-line it to pick up Reece from school(Big Mama had the boys), run by the motorcycle place so they could make another key from the code and have Peyton at the ballpark by 5! Stressful again! Well, we got the new keys back to the motorcycle and they didn't freakin' work! By this time it was like 4:30. Stress? YES! So we went home and Josh headed back to the motorcycle place and they cut a key from the broken one! Meanwhile I headed to the ballpark with the kids and Josh came as soon as he got the motorcycle situated! Nothing like a night of good baseball to calm your nerves!

Saturday we had more baseball. We should just pitch a tent and live there right now! We love it though! Griffin had an early afternoon game and Peyton played at 3:30. We were watching Peyton play and started talking about the beach and how we haven't been in several months. I made the comment that we couldn't go until baseball season is over because we almost always play on Saturdays. Josh said, "Well we could go down on like a Saturday afternoon after games are over and come back Sunday night." Then I said, "Well we could do that TODAY!"

Best idea ever!

P's game was over at 4:30. We got home, packed our bags, dyed eggs and were out the door in 30 minutes!

I'm not even kidding you!

We had a fantastic time! Pics to come tomorrow, I don't have my camera card with me today!


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