Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny Tenant Quotes!

Allison and I laugh so hard sometimes at some of the things our tenants do and say. We decided to give you a top five list!

5. I'm just upset with ya'll because I tried to call ya'll last night and I didn't have any cell phone service.

4. I just don't understand why you are evicting me. I mean, I know I am three months behind but....

3. I don't live in a bad neighborhood. But, I mean, there's a crack dealer down the street, but, I mean, it's not a bad neighborhood.

2. In the name of Jesus, bless my rent money!

1. You's just a white heifer, that's all you is.

1 comment :

Beverly said...

Ha, ha, that's hilarious! I think I'll start a notebook of the things I hear everyday!