Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

You know, Monday rolls around WAY too often! I wonder what McMama didn't do last week? Head on over there, she will crack you up!

Now for my not me's!


There is NO WAY on God's green earth that I let the boys play outside in their pajama pants and some random shirt yesterday! And when they were outside playing they definitely were NOT swinging in Baby Girl's swing. While they were NOT swinging, G-Man did NOT get stuck in it and he most certainly did NOT cry hysterically until I walked up there to rescue him. I absolutely did NOT laugh until I cried and then take a pic before I got him out because I would NOT be a mean mom for that!

Master P did not bust a hole in the crotch of said pajama pants and when I asked him what happened he did NOT tell me, "Mommy, they busted because my wee-wee is SOOOO BIG!" O.M.G. I know that did NOT make you pee in your pants a little! ha!

Last, but not least by ANY means, these are NOT the cutest pig-tails on the cutest little girl you have ever laid your eyes on! And I did NOT taste a crusty white substance in her hair to find out if it was food or soap. Nope, not me!


1 comment :

Tanya said...

I'd never let my kids play outside in their pjs either, not me.

I love you pictures!