Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mia's Birthday Party!

We hosted Mia's birthday party the night before her birthday! Mia loves to sing, dance, swim and EAT so we had a Trolls themed swimming party! We ate pizza, swam, ate cake, opened presents and I cried like a baby when we sang, "Happy Birthday"! We had an extra candle on the cake to remember her birth mom and when I lit it I knew it was over for me, I couldn't help but cry! LOTS of family and friends came so it made my heart happy to see how many people love our girl!

We made it a point to celebrate Mia all weekend. However, on her actual birthday it proved to be one of the hardest days we have had with her. It was a rough day. BUT, we still went to eat Mexican because that's her favorite and she had a cheese dip all to herself. Amen. The next day we did even more celebrating and went to Disney on Ice! So fun! I think overall the birthday girl had an awesome weekend!

These pictures are in random order because Mia is currently in my lap getting blood so not much room to maneuver here! haha!

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