Monday, March 6, 2017

Three Months with Mia!

Yesterday we celebrated 3 months with Mia! Time is flying and it feels like she's always been with us!

Mia has slowed WAY down on the food train! She still LOVES to eat but it's not as important to her as it was in the past. That's good because it tells us she's more secure!

She is still doing well in the sleep department. She's a light sleeper and she doesn't really nap but she sleeps well at night!

Her English is improving more and more! She fully understands us and can communicate with us, if she feels like it. No really, the moody little thing sometimes acts like she doesn't know what we are saying  BUT PLEASE, she's not fooling me! haha!

Speaking of moody, she's a typical two year old little girl. So, saying she's moody isn't meant to be a bad thing, she's right on track in that department as well! :) Peyton nicknamed her Moody Judy while we were still in China!

Health wise she is doing pretty well! We had a port placed after her last transfusion. Hopefully this will help. She will still have to be stuck each time because the port is completely under the skin but it will at least be a "sure thing" every time now! Tomorrow is her first transfusion with the port!

I haven't had time to blog about our new baby goats(SOON) but Mia LOVES them! She just pets and pets them and says, "Ohhh babyyyy".

What a short update! There's just not much going on that's different than a typical two year old for her right now! :)

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