Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Month with Mia!

One short month ago today we met our Mia! On one hand, I can't believe it's only been a month. On the other hand, it seems like she's been ours forever. It amazes me to feel that way and to feel no difference at all between her and the other kids. Josh and I sometimes have to remind ourselves that we didn't have her biologically! haha!

I plan to do a monthly update for the first year or so. Mainly for her to look back on one day! :)

Let's talk about one of Mia's favorite things: FOOD! The child loves to eat! I haven't found anything that she doesn't like to eat. Rice noodles are a very common food from her area of China so she LOVES those! And of course she loves rice. She also loves any type of fruit! One thing that has been an issue in this area is that she will eat a little bit of something and not finish it, then want to move on to eat something else. We are trying to break her of that now.

Sleep: Oh man. Most of the time while we were in China she slept really well! She slept in a pack n play in each of our hotels and slept like a rock. When we got home we had to fight off jet lag. Our days and nights were completely reversed while in China. It took us about a week to get back on a normal sleep schedule. She and Brooks were both waking up around 2 am for the day for several days! We would all be sitting watching tv and as soon as it would get dark outside we were all falling asleep! Now that the jet lag is gone, Mia will sleep all night but she's the lightest sleeper EVER. She literally sleeps with one eye open most of the time. If anyone moves at all, she's awake. I'm hoping that this is just a security thing and once she completely feels comfortable she will go back to sleeping hard!

Language: The part of China where Mia is from speaks a form of Chinese called Cantonese. She fully knows and understands the language and can speak it. Since getting her she has learned several English words and can speak them! She also understands pretty much anything we say to her which is GREAT! When she's mad she'll mix up the two languages, "No biow night night" means "no night night!" haha!(that's not the correct spelling just how it sounds)

Development: I feel like she's pretty on track developmentally. She pretty much acts like a normal two year old to me! AND she likes to potty in the potty! YAY!

Attachment: I feel like we are doing really well in this department. She's most attached to me, which is how most kids are, right? She's attached to Josh and the other kids too! If someone is not at home, she notices for sure!

Animals: We have two small dogs inside and then y'all know about the farm animals outside. She was TERRIFIED of the inside dogs at first. She wouldn't even get off the couch if they were in the room. After a few days she made friends with Daisy, our maltese. They aren't best buds yet, but she tolerates her! We haven't taken her around any of the farm animals yet.

Outings: Mia LOVES Target! Target is her jam...see she is MINE! She really does pretty well no matter where we go. We have eaten out a couple of times and she's done well. We haven't braved church yet, hopefully soon!!

Health: Sigh. The poor girl has had 19 vials of blood drawn since we got back. With her blood disorder she pretty much doesn't make her own blood so I"m sure taking that much didn't help but it was necessary. We've had several appointments at Children's Hospital and have several more this month. She had her first blood transfusion this week and I'll just say it was the longest day EVER. But, she's full of fresh blood and will get more in three weeks!

Now for what you really want to see! Pictures!
Her first Chick-fil-A!

First doctor's appointment

 Christmas Eve


Another Dr. Appointment

Potty time!!

Griff went with us for labs!

 B was telling her it was about to be loud in our house because the Bama game was about to come on TV!

Transfusion day!
That's all for now! I still will be finishing up our China posts as soon as I have a chance! :)

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