Friday, December 2, 2016

Hello From China!!!

Friends we made it to China!!! It's completely surreal to be in the same country as Mia! Oh I can't wait to kiss her! I teared up every single time one of our flights took off just because we were that much closer to her! Then real tears came last night when we landed in Beijing! We traveled over 24 hours to get here, I haven't calculated exactly how long. The kids slept well and did good on the flights. The big long flight from Seattle to Beijing was 12 hours. It wasn't as bad as it seems, we had plenty of on demand movies and tv to watch so that passed the time. That's about it for now! We're off to explore the Great Wall!

Ready for his first flight! Except not because he wanted to sit with me! So he did!

Ready for her first flight!

 This is the life!

All settled in and ready for the BIG ONE!

 He was SO happy to finally be in China!

Made it to our hotel!
 Whew, we did it love! 

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