Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On not finding out!

I thought that since our sweet boy is finally here that I would give my take on not finding out the gender!

I wish we would have done it ALL FOUR TIMES!

Seriously. It was that much fun! That one little surprise that you can give yourself…that moment when the baby comes out and your husband announces what it is…priceless! I am telling you…if you have the chance you NEED to do this at least once! Don’t get me wrong, it was sometimes hard while I was pregnant to not know and people WILL piss you off about it…but people are going to piss you off anyway while you are pregnant so this is just one more thing! HA!

I still catch myself surprised that he’s a he! Haha! I’m so thankful that it’s a boy though! Some people actually thought that I was disappointed that it was a boy…um just because I thought it was a girl the whole time doesn’t mean that I only wanted a girl! DUH! Actually, the morning we were getting induced Reece had spent the night with my sister the night before. Well at 3:30am she called me crying because she wanted me. After I got off the phone with her there was a “Please God, let this be a boy!”. Just because she’s my girl! I also didn’t realize until he was here how worried my husband was about having another girl! Reece has his heart!

Oh and how’s the girl that REALLLLLY wanted a baby sister?IMG_20130428_130733

She’s just fine with him! ;)

And the brotherly love is pretty sweet too!

IMG_20130422_155321Sure having another girl would have evened things out, but isn’t it nice how you get EXACTLY what you’re supposed to have? Brooks is the perfect ending to our family!20130519_143317


Julia said...

I've never commented before but really enjoy reading your blog. I found it through another blog.
Love hearing your take on not finding out what the baby is until s/he is born. I'm pregnant at the moment with our second and we have not found out for ether and think its the best also! Everyone feels differently about it and I like to know why or why not they liked it.

Lindsay Pavkovich said...

When I was younger I wanted a little sister SO bad (I'm the middles with two brothers) but, now through my teenage years and now that I'm grown I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the biggest daddy's girl around and don't know what I would do if I had a sister to share him with!

Jaclyn Hicks said...

He is so handsome!