Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Girl

It’s official. Because she got her ears pierced! But first let’s talk about Santa!

Every year we take the kids to see Jolly Ole’ Saint Nick. Every year we end up waiting to the last minute to go. So we decided that we would take Reece to eat for her birthday at the mall and then see Santa. Kill two birds with one stone.(and typing that makes me NEVER want to say that again!! Poor birds!) Anywho, we ended up being second in line to see Santa! Yay for that! While we were standing in line I asked Reece if she wanted to get her ears pierced and she said yes. Then she said no. Then 5 minutes before Santa was due to arrive she wanted to get them pierced right that very second. Y’all know I was NOT getting out of line at that point so I told her as soon as we saw Santa we would go. I never in a million gazillion years thought she would go through with it. So we saw Santa…

img264 Bhahahahahahahahahaaaaa! That picture REALLY cracks me up. Santa is not even looking, Reece had a mouth full of pizza, Griffin looks guilty(because he knows that Santa’s not real), Noah is thinking about freakin his freak and my sweet photogenic Peyton looks perfect!! That’s how we roll.

After Santa I asked Reece if she wanted to get her ears pierced now. She said yes. So we headed over to the store that does it, they had Hello Kitty ear rings…I still didn’t think she would go through with it..but she DID. And she didn’t cry at all…didn’t even flinch! I’m not even going to lie, I SO teared up! Hubby said that I was normal because it was a right of passage! No more baby :( She’s a big girl now :)

Before…photo 2 During…photo 4 After!!…photo 5

I know she’s mine, but she is one gorgeous little girl!!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I love the pic with Santa and all the kids. You and Allison are like me and my sis and always trying to put them together. Now, shoot to have your #4 and her #2 close in age..its the BEST!

I cant believe Reece didnt even cry. She sure is one beautiful child.

April said...

I wish we could have them close together! Since we work together and bring the babies to work I think Dad would shoot us if we got preggo at the same time! haha!