Friday, November 4, 2011

Roll Tide’s All I Got!

Can’t think of a blog title because this town is ONLY focused on tomorrow’s big game.

Seriously people. Seriously. And if you aren’t nervous or anxious then you aren’t a real fan. The.end.

photo 2You see those little bumps??? They are really all down the side of his face and on his eyelid! It started with a fever blister type of thing in the corner of his mouth. I get those when the weather starts changing so I assumed that it was the same thing. Griffin is the male version of me so I really thought that was what it was. Then yesterday morning when he woke up he had a few little bumps around it. I thought that was weird so I put some medicine on it and sent him to school. When I got home from work it had spread all over his face. Peachy. So I put some different medicine on it and decided to visit the doc this morning.

In the waiting 1 See, I told you we eat, sleep and breathe Alabama Football in this town! :)

Turns out, we’re not real sure what Griff has. Could be a number of things. The medicine that I put on it last night started drying it out so I’m just going to keep that up, hopefully, if not the doctor gave me something else to try!

We decided that he shouldn’t go to school today just in case. So on the way home we spotted the ESPN Game Day bus. He INSISTED that we stalk it down! ha! And he wasn’t going to be happy until we were RIGHT behind it!photo 3 He wanted to follow it until it stopped to see if he could see anyone that he knew but I had to get to work!

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend and ROLL TIDE ROLL! :)

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