Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That single parenting thing…

I told y’all I sucked at it! It wasn’t 10 minutes after I posted that last post when Reece was eating her Valentine candy. I never keep candy in the house so when they get it they go a little crazy with it! So, she had about 5 pieces of candy when I decided that was enough. I was perched on the couch and she was standing in front of me opening a sucker.
Conversation went a little something like this…

“Baby I think you’ve had enough candy for tonight. Let’s let that sucker be the last piece for tonight, ok?”

Y’all she looked at me with out hesitation cut those cute little blue eyes up at me and said…


I usually can hold myself together but she just had this look on her face and it just caught me off guard and I LAUGHED AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But she still didn’t get anymore candy!


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