Friday, January 14, 2011


Here’s our new boy! He fits right in at our house. He’s spoiled rotten already and the biggest lap dog I have EVER seen! I think he weighs 93 pounds right now. He is super sweet but I have no doubt that if the need was there he would tear someone up if they messed with me, Josh or the kids! Reece LOVES to boss him around…it’s so funny because he is bigger than her but he minds her! He loves his duck as you will see in the pictures…it squeaks which is a little annoying but he knows exactly how to make it squeak and doesn’t do it while anyone is sleeping! :)DSC00184 163253_10150114657037938_509012937_7707023_508532_n 163749_10150114655977938_509012937_7707003_2890735_n LOVES to sleep like this! Ignore our crate, it’s been outside unused for a while!164067_10150114656437938_509012937_7707012_7989675_n 165104_10150114656352938_509012937_7707009_5455476_n 165669_10150114656837938_509012937_7707016_3903980_n 166561_10150114656552938_509012937_7707014_6925194_n Ignore my mess in the floor, I just wanted you to see how big he is compared to Chippie! Oh and she bosses him too!167501_10150114657147938_509012937_7707025_3652238_n DSC00168 With his foster Dad and Sister…DSC00173 So sweet!DSC00172

We’re loving having a dobie around again! :)



Jaclyn Hicks said...

So precious!! It's so comforting to have a dog around....I love my Molly girl!!!

Brittany said...

He's beautiful!!!