Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I’m on a diet. Kinda sorta. It’s more like a life change than a diet. Several months ago I pretty much quit eating fried food. I would still have the occasional french fry or boneless wings, but that was cutting WAY back. Then I cut back to one Mt. Dew per day.

After all that I decided that I seriously wanted to lose 15 pounds. So now I’m watching every single thing that goes in my mouth and counting calories.

I’ve lost 5 pounds in one week. And that was with a cheat day because I had the stomach bug and didn’t care what I ate as long as it stayed down. It was all about survival at that point! ha!

My BIGGEST issue is sweets. I DOUBLE TRIPLE HEART SWEETS! I can’t help myself…it’s in my blood! I love to bake also, so that’s a problem. I haven’t had a brownie batter blizzard in months…so that’s a start! ha! Peanut M & M’s are mine and Reece’s favorite…of course she’s still eating them but I will NOT!

I broke up with regular Mt. Dew and switched to diet. I NEVER in a million years thought that would happen..but, once I started counting those calories it seemed like SUCH a waste! I plan to axe the dew altogether once I don’t get a headache from missing it!

Hubby is back on his diet. He works out on his lunch break. I need to start exercising again…one thing at a time people!

xoxo and please pass the grilled chicken,

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