Monday, December 6, 2010

Bama Belles


Have you seen the new show on TLC?

I’m so embarrassed right now. REALLY!

I missed the first half of the show but I did set my DVR to record the next episode. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll still be hiding under the couch pillows watching it.

TLC picked the most back woods, redneck people they could find I do believe. If you don’t live in Alabama, please know that we are NOT all like that! Most of us don’t wear that much makeup, don’t perm our hair and we wash our hair daily.


Happy Monday!



Brittany said...

I caught the end of this last night. Slightly embarrassing!!!

Cherry Berry said...

Oh Lord... You know I'm going to have to watch this! Haha!

Nini said...

My word. I hail from Ontario, Canada, and the moment I saw this show I pitied the proper, intelligent ladies of the South who were over looked for their lack of man stealing, bow hunting, and law mower racing skills.

Also, their complete narrow mindedness is frightening. Apparently if the "New Yorker" wants to hang, she's gotta be a Southern gal just like them - no personality deviations allowed. Yikes!