Sunday, November 28, 2010

DUDE! I’m behind!

Gosh. I don’t even know where to start! I’m very well aware that I’ve only blogged like 2.2 times the entire month of November. Officer Hubby was on evening shift for two weeks and it really got me out of whack. Not to mention I about went whack. For real. I don’t know how single mom’s do it. Taking care of all the kiddos by myself was not really hard…it was just that there’s only one me and there needed to be 57! Plus I was lonely without my other half!

Close to the end of the two weeks Reece got REALLY sick. Started with a low grade fever. No biggie. Then on last Thursday night we fell asleep on the couch together. I woke up with her trembling in my arms…I knew her temp had to be sky high. I was still half asleep and couldn’t think straight. I called Hubby who told me to get her in the bath tub. I did, but she was shaking so bad I couldn’t even hold on to her. OH I forgot to mention that we fell asleep two hours after I had given her Motrin. I didn’t keep her in the bath long because I couldn’t hold on to her. Once she was out I just kept her naked hoping that would help. I gave her Tylenol. After about 20 minutes she was still shaking. I called hubby again and we decided that we should get her to the emergency room. I really freaked my freak on the phone with him…I’ve dealt with high fevers before but I’ve always been able to manage them better than this. It was really scary. I called Allison to get her to stay with the boys…

Which is a whole other story! She jumped out of bed and headed to our house…about 5 miles or so away from hers. State Troopers have bean rampant in our area lately and of course she was speeding. And she got pulled over. She explained what was going on and he told her she was going really fast. He asked for her license and insurance card…she could not find the insurance card and freaked! If you know her in real life you have got to get her to tell you this story! I about peed on myself! Anyway, the trooper ever so nicely got her to calm down and only wrote her a ticket for the insurance…which will be thrown out! Whew!

Once Allison got to our house we headed to the ER. Reece had finally stopped shaking but we decided that unless we wanted to do this again at 3am we better go ahead and go. Also on this night was a ballgame. Stupidest thing ever to have a game on a weeknight. HATED it! The game was over around the time we were heading to the hospital, which is super close to campus and the stadium. Josh was driving like a bat outta hell…and I fussed but he ever so politely told me and I quote,” I drive like this for a living!” Whatever.

We thankfully made it in one piece to the ER and got Reecey Bug checked in. And then we got to sit in the ever so lovely waiting room where we saw all kinds of things…drunk boy that was half dressed in his bama gear that had been stabbed or something…that was the most interesting. So we sat there for TWO hours and nobody was even being called back! We got one of the nurses to take Reece’s temp. It was down to 100.2 and we left! I planned on having her at the pediatrician first thing the next morning…or the same morning because by this time it was after 12:00!

So, what caused the high fever?

Urinary Tract Infection.

We think. The urine specimen that the doctor’s office sent off came back inconclusive. So, we’ve been on antibiotics for a week plus a few days now. No more fever! yay! And we go back Tuesday to recheck and make sure the urine is all clear!

I still need to catch up on Peyton’s zoo field trip! Hopefully tomorrow! I’m being optimistic!


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