Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let Cascade do the dirty work!

Soooooo, last night I had bunco. Thank goodness for bunco, it’s always much needed girl time! While I was away Josh had the kids. They went to ToysRUs and who knows what else they got into. After they got home they ate supper and were just hanging out. Griffin spent some money he had been saving on a game for his Nintendo DS and Peyton managed to talk Josh into another Xbox game. Anywho, Reece was running the house since I was away and apparently disappeared for a minute. She was in the kitchen, Josh was in the living room. All of a sudden she came running up to Josh and puked! Come to find out, she decided to taste one of these!


What on earth made her want to do that? She helps me wash dishes all.the.time and knows what they are for!!!! Geeze!

Josh called poison control who told him to give her plenty of liquids. And they said that since she puked so fast she was probably ok. And she was.

We’re planning on heading to the beach tomorrow. I hope the oil holds off…don’t get me started on the oil issue! We were going to have a no kids beach trip but we decided that we would rather take them with us. We are expecting a BIG life change very soon so we may not be able to go again for a little while. And, NO, I’m not pregnant. :)


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Cherry Berry said...

I would have puked if I ate one of those too!! Bless her heart!! Kids are so curious.
Hope you fill us in on your big life changes soon!! Adults can be curious too.... or some people call it nosey! Haha! ;-)