Thursday, May 1, 2008

Watch dog!

I thought that I would share these cute pics of Molly & Mako. I couldn't get Daisy to sit still long enough to get her in these! I actaully took them a month or so ago before we had green grass again! This is one of Molly's favorite places to sit--in the chair on the back porch. She also likes to sit in the back of the boys' power wheel tractor(as long as the boys are not driving it!!) Once they saw me taking pics, they started posing! Not really, but it looks that way!
P.S. - I know some of you haven't met Mako, our doberman...yes, he LOOKS mean but he is absolutely NOT! He is a big baby and thinks he is a lap dog. Josh really did his research before we bought him and we spent a lot of money on him to be sure he came from a good bloodline. So don't go thinking we have a mean dog and a house full of children!

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