Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nine Months with Mia!

Nine months ago today we got our Mia!

Right now we're getting blood. We went four weeks between transfusions again but this time her blood count was way lower than we'd like. We are going to try one more time and if she's low again, it's back to every three weeks for little missy!

It's going to be a super long day for us. We got here at 7:30am and it's currently 12:00pm. We JUST got her blood started and it's going to take 5 hours. She was ready to leave an hour ago. Yikes!

I mentioned last month that she started school. Yea, that didn't go well at all. She did a lot of crying. I did a lot of stressing. Doctor's did a lot of trying to tell us what and how to do it. In the end, I listened to my mommy instinct and guess what?! Mommy instinct was right, again! About a week or so ago she quit crying. Now, she waves bye to me and shoves me out the door! haha!

Mia still loves the food. I've decided that's never changing. She has started drinking milk, finally!

I haven't said it officially on here but she's a daddy's girl! Those two have it real bad for each other! She loves me but he's her jam! And, that's ok!

That's about all I have to report on Mia this month. She's really just been a busy little bee keeping up with all her sibs and their after school activities. Speaking of, Reece is cheering this year and Mia LOVES watching her and doing the cheers with the big girls! :)

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