Friday, October 28, 2016

Meet Penny!

As if we aren't busy enough right now...

This past Saturday I sent Peyton outside to feed the farm animals. He ran back inside to tell me one of the silkie chicken eggs had hatched and there was a baby in the coop! We've learned from the past that we need to get baby chicks along with their mommas out of there fast so I flew into action. When I got to the coop I could see there were actually FOUR baby chicks! I gathered them and the momma chickens quickly and removed them to seclusion. There were several more eggs that the hens had been sitting on so I gathered them to put them with the hens. When doing so, I could hear a baby chick chirping while it was STILL INSIDE the egg! It was one of the coolest things! I hurried and quickly put it under the momma hen. I gave them a few hours(thinking it would hatch) and went back to check on things...the momma hens had moved and were NOT sitting on the little egg anymore. And I couldn't hear it chirping. It hadn't hatched. I left it alone and went back inside to let Josh know. I figured it had died. He told me I should go back to the coop and hatch it by hand. Um no. I just couldn't because I thought it was dead and just no. So, Reece talked Josh into doing it! haha! It was SUPER cool and once hatched it was alive! I quickly stuck it under momma hen.

SIDE NOTE: WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING ON THE FARM, LESSONS LEARNED ALL THE TIME! We should not have done this, should have just put it under a heat lamp and it would have hatched on it's on.

I gave it a few hours and went to check. Those stupid hens had MOVED again and left baby for dead. I thought she was dead when I first saw her but then I saw a faint movement. I grabbed her up and started warming her up close to me while Josh got her a heat lamp set up. I laid her in the box under the lamp, she was still wet from hatching and not moving. I watched in amazement as she started to breathe and then move her little feet and then pick her head up...THEN SHE OPENED HER EYES!:) We saved her!

So, Penny lives in a box inside the house now. Because she thinks she's a human. And that's ok!
 The other babies!

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