Monday, July 11, 2016

Is this thing on?

More than once this weekend I heard, "Have you just abandoned the blog?" So, here I am! haha! I always have good intentions with this space but life is busy right now! Once again I will say that I will try to keep up! 

Well, we finished up our home study in record time! It was supposed to take 4-6 months and it only took 2! We love our social worker and are very thankful for her! She will be a part of our lives for the next several years and honestly that will probably turn into forever! :)

We are on the list to be matched with our daughter and that could happen at any moment now! EEKKSSSS!!! Very anxious for this to happen! Our dossier is almost ready to be sent to China and in all likelihood we probably won't be matched until it's there...but, that's ok! 

Meanwhile, it's been life as usual around here! 

This was the morning that I didn't realize I hadn't put his shoes on until we were pulling up to his school!!! We detoured to the office until Daddy could save the day! haha!

Field trip to the zoo!

My G and P like to drag me out on the go carts and sling me around!

We spent the entire day learning ALL about the International Adoption Clinic at UAB! So thankful we have them!

Field trip to Shark Tooth Creek!

Mother's Day! This is one of my favorite things I have from each of my kids!! It makes me laugh out loud! He thinks I work at the gym but he nailed it with coffee and strawberries!

I have no words for this...melt me!

One day when I showed up to work out at the gym Big Mama was there...and we matched!!

Reece had a color run at her school!

Property Queens at West Alabama Aids Outreach event!

My Lover Love! We celebrated 14 years of marriage in May!

I can't even.

We went to Tannehill...and tried to take a picture..and this random dude hopped in! I felt like I was 12. HAHAHA!

This is Miss Jennifer...she was one of Brooks' teachers this year. She is spending her ENTIRE summer in Uganda working with children! She has also worked in an orphanage in China. So, we basically love her forever! :)

Time for your check up!

Uncle D got a job in NEW YORK CITY and moved way too far away from us!

The kid's passports came in!!!!!

Daddy/Daughter Date night at Chick-fil-A!

Father's Day!

So we have this marriage goal that we have had for a while...

4th of July at no other place than the beach!

Our babies are growing so fast! Time, slow down, but speed up and get us to China! ;)

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