Monday, October 26, 2015

Fair Fun & a New Farm Friend!

On Friday night, we went to the fair! It was lots of fun! We ate fair food, rode fair rides and played fair games! :)IMG_20151023_18243320151023_201805_resized 20151023_201752_resized His first gum…20151023_201744_resized 20151023_193011_resized There aren’t many pictures of G and P because they spent their time riding rides like this…20151023_190953_resized There was also a petting zoo there! 20151023_173953(0)_resized They had a baby zebra!!!! It was SO cute, 8 weeks old! 20151023_173942_resized And this guy was my fav!IMG_20151023_182201

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday after church we headed to north Alabama for this little guy…

   Meet Tuck!IMG_20151025_143325 Tucker Hamilton! :)IMG_20151025_182354UM, how cute is he? So VERY!

I have been wanting a piggy for a while. I wanted one a very long time ago and then decided that we have enough animals! About a year or so ago my sister started trying to talk me into it and I told her she was bat cray. A few months ago I finally decided that we needed one! haha! So, since then, I’ve been researching and researching! Finally, last week I came across this fellow and couldn’t resist! We are working on litter box training so we’ll see how that goes! He also already has his Halloween costume! :)

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