Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A few weeks ago our sweet Roxy passed away. When the vet called to tell me she didn’t make it all I could do was cry. To the point that the lady on the phone was like, “I am SO SO SO sorry. Just call us back. ”  20141024_171700_resized

It was bad.

She escaped from the goat yard the day before-she and Foxy have NEVER escaped-and one of our dogs attacked her. A stray that we had taken in. He had also killed several chickens. He is no longer an issue. That’s all I know about that.

Our entire household was sad. We haven’t found another goat yet but we are on the lookout for sure! Goats do not like to be alone so we need to find Foxy a friend SOON! 20141004_133615_resized

However, we DID get new baby chicks!IMG_20150209_162911

And a few days later….baby DUCKS!!!!! EEEKKKK!IMG_20150214_164302The ducks make us SMILE! They waddle around with all their little ducky cuteness! 

Welcome to the farm! :)

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