Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brooks – 18 Months!

Baby Brooks is now 18 MONTHS OLD! Yes, we still call him baby. The baby he will always be! ;)

A little of what he’s up to these days:

- He is into EVERYTHING! He is ALL boy. Climbing on everything…testing his boundaries, etc.!

- He still loves to eat…and only has 5 teeth. Not even any molars yet!

- He is talking up a storm. Sometimes you can understand him and sometimes you can’t.

- He loves to sing!

- He loves bath time!

- He loves to play outside! Feeding the goats is his favorite!

So that’s just a little of what our B is doing these days!


Sliding at the park with Mommy!IMG_20141027_150913 Feeding the goats…and having a leaf for himself!IMG_20141024_172031  IMG_20141011_072629  Chilling with Daddy at gymnastics!IMG_20140929_190417 Curled up napping with his “eece”!IMG_20140920_103054 IMG_20140913_151126 IMG_20140829_075514

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