Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, Sickies, Birthday

Our Easter weekend started out great! I took the kids to see The Croods and planned to take them to an egg hunt on Saturday. 20130330_112803

But then I started feeling sick. I ended up with a stomach bug on Easter and on my cotton pickin’ birthday which was Monday! Not to mention I AM 36 weeks pregnant. Nothing says, “Happy Birthday” like feeling like you are going to yack all day. Oh I was SICK.

Luckily we dyed eggs before I got sick! It was fun to dye some of our own eggs this year! The pink and blue were the baby’s eggs! ;) 20130330_200921  20130330_194537The bunny made it just in time because after he visited it was all down hill from there! 20130330_223237

I was super sad that I didn’t get to do anything with my babies on Easter! I was confined to the couch. I finally started feeling better yesterday and now I’m back to my old self!

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