Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It’s A…


HAHA! Don’t hate me for that! :)

Our ultrasound was this morning and everything is perfect! There’s nothing better than seeing a sweet, perfect little baby growing inside you!

I was so nervous because I was afraid that as soon as she put the wand on my stomach we would see “it” plain as day! I was also afraid I would lose self-control and just say “forget it, tell me what it is!” But I didn’t, I had to bite my tongue once or twice to keep from saying it! The sweet ultrasound tech did her best to steer clear of the whole area, she doesn’t even know what it is because she was afraid she would slip up.

After the ultrasound I saw my doctor. He is super excited we decided to keep it a surprise!

Here is his/her profile! There was also thumb sucking going on!!! This will be our first thumb sucker if that continues! Gets that from Daddy! :)


And here it is showing it’s Tide Pride! #1 heehee!img037

I also have to tell y’all this…the other day Reece and I were driving down the road and she said, “Mommy, how’s the baby going to drink milk?” I told her, “From my boobies.”(Might as well make sure she knows now, right?) She said, “Oh my word…what if Daddy sees your boobies???!!!!!!”

HAHA! She really cracks me up!

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I'm Cindi... said...

Ahhh...there's nothing like seeing baby on the big screen. :) And I'm STILL laughing at Reece. TOO FUNNY!!! That's definitely one to remember. :)