Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Story Telling

I've decided that when I have nothing to blog about, I will tell random stories about myself that you may or may not know. So here we go.

When I was five years old and about to start kindergarten I was outside playing in the yard. I stepped on something and it HURT! I screamed bloody murder and mom came running. There was a black dot on the bottom of my foot and it looked like I had stepped on something and it came out when I picked my foot up. I would NOT walk on that foot. I was taken to the doctor, who found nothing, and put on an antibiotic just in case. A few days went by and I still would not walk on it. Back to the doctor...who still found nothing. A few more days go by and it's time to start school...yay, but I can't walk. Everyone thought that I just didn't want to go to kindergarten and I even got a spanking because I WOULD NOT put that foot down. My kindergarten teacher carried me around everywhere we went. She was so sweet...she must have been the only one who really thought there was something wrong with my foot.....ha! I was finally taken back to the doctor...he decided just to operate on it to see if he could find anything. He came out to the waiting room where my parents were waiting.....with a toothpick! There was a half of a toothpick in my darn foot the whole time! Man, everyone felt so bad...and they still do!

In other Huston is working on his grand entrance! He will be here today! So, I should have pics by tomorrow! Say a little prayer for Jamie and a speedy, pain free delivery!


Slappy Jones said...

So you didn't get an xray or anything? Man, I bet they felt horrible lol. Poor little you! What a nice kindergarten teacher though :)

Josh and April said...

I'm not sure if they did an x-ray or not! I guess they couldn't see it if they did!